October 13, 2012

The mom stays in the picture

I love the wisdom of Allison's words when she wrote a piece for the Huffington Post urging mothers to stay in their children's pictures.  I AM so guilty of the opposite.  Having taken hundreds of pictures of my daughter with my camera and cellphone, I went looking for a decent picture of us among them after reading her article, and it made me sad to realize I was only visible in less than 10.  This is a dismay.  I'm correcting this right away.  I want my children to see me in pictures.  To see their mom, young, vibrant, tired, overwhelmed but perfectly part of their lives.  I went browsing through my childhood albums, and my own mother was absent in many of them.  She was the picture taker, yet she could have easily handed someone else the camera.  So I went and dug the only pictures I have with my baby daughter to show you here.  I'm not perfect, in fact, I don't like how I look in them, but they are the ONLY pictures she'll see of me at this age.

{pictures taken by my mother during my daughter's first three months, except the last picture where she was almost 8 months -Thanks mom!}

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  1. They are gorgeous pictures. And I agree.. while I am in hardly any of D's pictures M is in every other one. Because I am always busy taking there pictures.