October 12, 2012

Have a cozy Fall weeked!

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Happy Friday everyone!  The week flew by for me.  Do you have any special plans?  I'm planning on relaxing and catching up on my reading and blogging.  I have been away from the blogging scene these last few days.  I feel bloggers out there are really energized and the content being published is so good, I can't keep up with everyone I love. But, it does make me think about the direction I want to take my blog.  I feel that sometimes it doesn't translate my deepest intentions.  I have some soul-searching to do, I guess.  I did find some really good links, which have made my week.  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

vintage board games 

delicious food styling! 

how cool are these printed city maps!

if baking, try these scrumptious pumpkin recipes! 

when you give the wrong gift

i'm still thinking about this article! 

a life unplugged 

this kitchen makes me want to samba!

stunning and easy Fall candles!


  1. Hi Patricia! I saw a new post with such a pretty photo of you and Emilu on Bloglovin, but when I went on to your blog I couldn't find it... Hope it will appear :-)

    Love Maria

  2. Oh so happy to see you Maria I hope you are doing fine. Yes, yes, I am writing something for Monday and mistakenly published it instead of hitting save. It will be up Monday. I hope you have a nice weekend!