October 8, 2012

Married in Manhattan

On Memorial Day weekend my brother in law and his beautiful fiancee tied the knot in a series of events that not only were fun and jubilant, but celebrated who they are, as individuals, in each others' lives. 

I loved the no-fuss wedding from the start.  The officiant was a long time musician friend, and the wedding was full of them.  One of the groomsmen, another long time friend, played Mendelssohn in his best George Harrison as they walked down the "aisle."  They held each others' hands til death do them 'part.

The ceremony and reception, followed by an intimate, seated 4-course lunch took place in one of their favorite restaurants in the East Village.  This is where they had their first date four years ago, and to commemorate this, the owners of the restaurant set the small patio table, where they ate that first evening, with candle lights.  Close family and friends gathered around in the small but cozy restaurant and watched them exchanged vows. Followed by emotional and funny toasts; recollections about their years in high school; their passions growing up and the friendships made along the way, which brought some people to tears, and others to deep belly laughs.  Various generations conglomerated in that tiny room. Forty-six handpicked and very special individuals filled the room, in the words of the bride, "with two simple feelings so palpable in this very room: generosity and loyalty, we thank you for being here," to celebrate this joyous occasion.  And by the way, beautiful brides, do toast at their own wedding!

The photographer was the bride's sister, and a few friends, including me, took up to the task of embossing the day's images with extra cameras to ensure they had plenty of memories to look at. 

Of course, there's isn't anything closer to a NYC event than an after-party, and the groom is the king of the after parties.  After the memorable lunch, we walked a few city blocks to a lounge with a roof terrace, to keep the momentum going.  The rest of their friends joined us and we danced, and drank, and had a great time!  I loved how the groom's DJ friends stepped in to provide the music. And the cigar boxes, provided by my dad, were a huge hit, as the men (and some women)  proceeded to enjoy their puffs.  (Thanks, dad!)

The last venue, another bar a few blocks east, welcomed us with an assortment of delicious dumplings, provided by a friend of the groom and bride, including an edemame one that was just heavenlicious!  What a great New York wedding this was.  Cheers to the lucky couple!

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  1. I love no-fuss weddings and this one is truly amazing! What a fantastic idea for city-hopping. Pretty brilliant! Have a great start to the week, Patricia:)