July 30, 2012

Motherhood: On souls

Being a mother has recently opened up some moments for deep thought and reflection.  I've always been a believer of transcendental things.  My daughter will soon be 15 months old.  Like pieces of a puzzle, her personality and temperament are fully taking shape in front of our eyes.  Every new sound, gesture, disclosure is met with wonder, but also with a familiarity that is sometimes revealing.  I feel like I've known her a very long time.  As if our souls have somewhat embraced each other in another life.  Is this what they mean when they say your children choose you?  Or deeper in reflection:  Do souls congregate with other familiar souls for the purpose of closing the circle of life?

I believe in reincarnation.  In the evolution of souls. Evolution is not just for living things.  If cells have a (micro-life) purpose, and are programmed to fulfill that purpose, why couldn't souls be same?  I believe souls have a (macro-life) purpose.  And sometimes, this purpose doesn't get realized in one lifetime.  Am I making sense?  I hope I'm not scaring you.  We are human beings after all, and our intellect is given to us not just for the purpose of elevating our material yearnings. We also have the freewill need to connect and (potentially) merge with the Unknown, whether you call it god,  fate, alchemy or mother earth. And the road to this is raising questions and finding answers wherever you think they hide. Actually, our purpose in life should be to attain harmony and communion of the material and spiritual halves. To me it makes sense.  To you, something else makes sense. It's fine too.

I just like to believe that when they say that God doesn't give us more than we can't handle, or life has a way of working itself, what they really mean is that each of us is born with a lifemap that facilitates our journey. And souls are part of that lifemap, guiding us in our search for harmony.  That these souls have something to contribute.  That they've been with us for a while.  A nurturing (symbiotic) relationship similar to the one inside the body.  At a cellular level.  That these souls are with us because we have lessons to learn, love tales to weave, and more importantly, experiences that will help these souls and us, close the circle of life.
My daughter's soul has been with me for a while. And my mother's too. I know this now.


  1. Oh boy, you made me tear up! It's an amazing post full of beautiful feelings and I hope that someday, maybe even soon, I can experience that type of connection with my own little cutie. I totally agree and believe in evolution of souls. Happy Monday, Patricia. Hope you had a lovely weekend. xoxo

    1. Oh you will! It's an incredible feeling, and the words are never enough to translate it. Have a great Diana!

  2. What a beautifully written post, the sentiments so perfectly captured by your words.

  3. Love the lovely photo of the cloud.