July 27, 2012

Have a happy weekend

Are you watching the Summer Olympics broadcast?  It turns out most of the world watched it live, except us.  It will be broadcasted tonight. When I was kid in the 80's we would all gather around to watch the Olympics, especially at night with dad. The idea that these games took place every four years was so unrealistic in my kid's mind, that I thought they only had one lifetime shot at the events. It was like the Halley Comet's path in '86, an event so out of this world, that all the kids at school would talk and write school essays about their experience seeing the Comet fly by.  My parents had to explain to me that most athletes had about a decade of their lives to appear in the games, and even then, I would be so caught up with the age factor and trying to figure out how many chances they had left, that it felt like schoolwork when watching the games.  I hope you have a happy relaxing weekend.  Here are some links which I have enjoyed this week.

cute candle stakes

there's no place like home, Rome!

the dumbest Summer Olympics moments

this recipe for lavender lemonade (le sigh)

these handbags from Building Block

the hollow sounds of an aching heart 

illustrations of crabs & lobsters 

the gender neutral style of Shiloh Jolie Pitt

want to eat here while in London for the Summer Olympics

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