July 18, 2012

Home companion: Bookshelves

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This wrap-around library is the ideal place to get lost from the nagging demands of the everyday.  I would sit here all day long, doing what I like best: reading. The masculine undertone decor is surprisingly calming, with a hint of sophistication.  And I bet this room looks twice as good under the dimming lights of desk lamps at night.  Le sigh!

Also, this smart and innovative bookshop is right up my alley.  And this poignant article about the grave state of the novel confirms my passion for fiction over non-fiction.

If you had space in your house, would you have a dedicated room for books?  Or do you prefer having them all around the house?  I think I would go for the library in a flash.

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  1. Oh a library.. I don't think we'll ever have a room to dedicate to books I am loving the idea of turning a closet into one by getting rid of the door and adding a cushioned bench. Plus I doubt I'll ever have enough books to fill a room.. a closet I can aim for.