May 28, 2012


Mother's Day was yesterday and the family got together over the holiday.  It was a long, rewarding day.  Emilu played with several cousins, and even rode a tricycle.  Part of the celebration included exchanging gifts and I couldn't help but take a few snapshots of the envelopes Emilu and I painted with watercolors.  She was so excited with the paint.  I was surprised to see her dip the brush into the small paint containers and take her brush to the paper.  She's a natural, and apparently a lefty, like her father.

Have you had auyamas before?  These are from my grandfather's farm.  They grow basically anywhere, and they are extremely useful in Dominican cuisine.  This variety of pumpkin is used in soups, stews, as a side, desserts, and specifically in sancocho, a signature dish here. It could be eaten in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Speaking of sancocho, I love these two cookbooks in my mother's kitchen, especially the state they are in. They belong to my grandmother actually, but she doesn't cook anymore, and now they sit in my mother's kitchen.  There are dozens of recipes inside, organized into several categories, including desserts, appetizers, main courses, sweets, stews, etc. Dominican cuisine is very versatile; and has been influenced by many cultures, including African, European, Mediterranean, even Asian.


  1. It is wonderful watching our children create art.. such lovely envelopes..

  2. How fun to paint with Emilu for the first time. And it resulted in pretty envelopes :-)

    I love the history of worn things, like the cookbooks!

    Keep on having a wonderful time!

    Love Maria