May 25, 2012

Have a fun filled weekend

This Sunday is Mother's Day here.  We are celebrating with both families:  My mom's and dad's.  From my mother's side, four generations will mingle with each other.  Exactly one year ago (plus a few days) I became a mother.  Becoming a parent is the hardest thing I've gone through. It has its highs and lows, yet the highs are so incredibly high you feel you can touch the moon. But is also incredibly tiring. This amazing, lighthearted but extremely poignant article sums it all for me.  Parenting is a pandora box with no expiration or shelf life.  It's the thing that keeps on giving. Do you remember the first four years of your life? Probably not, but don't despair, children give the first four years of your life back to you.  I hope you have a nice, fun filled weekend with your loved ones.  A few links to inspire your weekend.

the scent of fresh lilacs

Cute painted snapshots 

good advice is timeless

a perfect simple pantry 

a riveting video on the art and heart of story-telling!

i want a bite of this strawberry coffee cake 

i love this entire collection

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Long time no visit from me, sorry about that. Right now I find it very hard to have energy enough to keep up with the blog world like I used to before I started my new job.

    You seem to be having a lovely, lovely time and you take lots of beautiful photos with your new camera! Emilu was sooooo cute on her birthday, and what a great cake with bunting on the top!

    How great that you will be so many generations celebrating Mothers Day together! It's Mothers Day here too, and I miss my mother a lot. We will light a candle in front of a photo of her today. In a couple of weeks me and my sister and brother (with families) will get together for a weekend, and then we will visit our parents resting place together.

    I looked at your links, and wow how beautiful the photos of the lilacs are! And I loved the video with Ken Burns, inspiring for a storytelling-wannabe. And of course, I loved the quirky painted snapshots too :-)

    Have a great Mothers Day!

    Love Maria