March 22, 2012

Under a spell: Downton Abbey

Throughout my life, there's always been some degree of obsessiveness, and I've managed to keep it under wraps or, at least, out of plain sight.  However, there are moments when gloom threatens to override everything and all you want to do is comfort yourself with that, which brings you joy. And that for me, right now, is Downton Abbey.

My mother left us last week, after a breezy stay and I introduced her to the British series. The last episodes were watched late at night, sprawled under the covers with the lights off.  Now that she's gone and I'm missing her dearly -something that can only be understood by the special close bond we share with each other, and explained when the tight ropes of new motherhood seem to be overwhelming- I been under a spell.

I have watched the last episode, the Christmas special over and over again.  The war is finally over, there's a sense of normalcy and a desire to start anew. Each scene is like a forbidden elixir that can only be enjoyed by watching more of it. I can't helped but be saddened by Mr. Bates' fate, and uplifted by Daisy's new found family ties.  It's comforting to encounter Sir Anthony Strallan once more in Edith's path.  And how about that Wintery tablescape from the shoot's luncheon.  I pinned it immediately! And finally, what we all have been waiting for:  The coming together of Matthew and Mary under Lavinia's blessing, for course.

But really, it's much more than that. I've come to love the house and its people, and can't stop thinking about the mechanics and sentiments of that prescribed lifestyle.  What fates does lady Grantham dreams for her daughters?  What real yearning does O'Brien harbor?  What happens to Ethel and her boy?  Where do all those hunting dogs live?  Will Thomas' cowardly ways ever resurface?  I'm obsessed with the upstairs and downstairs, and if it wasn't for everyday commitments, I would be adrift with my own obsession.  Luckily, I can only dream of this.

The bells are ringing now and the Servant's Ball is about to commence.  Lord Grantham and Matthew whiskey up for the event.  This is where it gets teary for me.  The upstairs and downstairs come together to dance and to welcome the new year.  Some things remain unturned, while others get shaken up, and as long as there's hope, all will be fine in their eyes.  I bid farewell to Carson, Anna and Mrs. Hughes; send my good wishes to Edith and Mary, and of course, Sybil; my prayers to Mr. Bates and William's father, a friendly wink at Daisy and Mrs. Pathmore.  And lastly, a very warm embrace to Lord Grantham for keeping it together no matter what life throws at him.  It's time for the obsession to become a life lesson, for every character's lifeline is a lesson in disguise.

{Images via Hello Magazine}


  1. It is a special series. I'm already looking forward to the next season.

    I hope you feel more cheerful soon. At least it's spring.

  2. I do, the weather helps too, have a lovely weekend Lynette

  3. I really love Downton Abbey too! I have watch the series on Swedish televison (including the reruns of most of the episodes)AND on Danish televison. I'm sure I will look at it again too. But I really, really hope there will be a new season.

    Have you seen the "behind-the-scene"...what should I call it, it's not a documentary really...but I think you know what I mean. They interviewed the cast and the people who own the house where the upstairs parts are filmed. I think downstairs is in a studio, not in the same house anyway.