January 30, 2012

A time for daydreaming

There's a time for everything.  A time to mourn, to laugh, to reinvent yourself and to daydream.  I used to daydream, but after giving birth and taking care of my daughter other priorities or simple desires have taken a back seat.  I love how it made me feel.  It's similar to when you read a good book or a brilliant passage.  You feel renewed, recharged and fulfilled for the next task ahead.  And I read somewhere that daydreaming releases endorphins, which as you know, it's one of the body's healers, keeping illnesses at bay.  And it makes you a happier, more positive person.

When I was younger I used to daydream a lot.  I would knit stories and images in my mind of how I wanted situations to unfold.  Much like someone who smokes, and plans his moves around the next cigarette. I used to set aside a quiet time for daydreaming.  The effect was similar to soaking in a warm bath.  My soul and spirit were in harmony with my intellectual side.  And not surprisingly many projects or ideas were born in this nurtured environment.

I never do New Year resolutions because I never stick to them.  But this year, I will make it a habit of daydreaming at least a couple of times a week.  I need to get reacquainted with this part of myself.  Play with my inner child.  I highly recommend this.  Have you ever set aside time to daydream?

Images by Andrew via Flickr


  1. i could use some beach daydreaming right now...getting a bit tired of winter!

  2. I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award, but I see now that you've already won it before! I can see why as I love your blog.

  3. Hello!
    I found out about you through "Sweet Posy Dreams" and the "Versatile Blogger Award" - I just joined your blog :-)

  4. A great resolution. We can all do with a little day dreaming

  5. Hi Angie, thanks so much for stopping by, I just joined your blog as well!

    @Hena: Daydreaming is so wonderful!

    Thanks Lynnette for the wonderful news !

  6. I used to spend hours daydreaming and creating scenarios instead of going to bed at night! It was way more interesting play with the direction of my ideas than to let them lead the way in a foggy haze of sleep.