January 27, 2012

Have a legendary weekend

Hello friends! The weekend is finally here. And although I'm a stay-at home mom, aka domestic goddess, I welcome it like a school girl!  What are you up to this weekend?  Any interesting plans or projects you've set aside?  This is my last weekend in the island. I better soak up all the sun I can get, because next week I return to cold weather, my cozy home and my anxious husband.  I send you lots of good weather your way. Here are a few links I've found full of warmth and inspiration.

A few NYC favorites

This bedtime routine chart is smartly adorable

Paris in technicolor

Seven pretties 

This button wall decor DIY 

A beautiful selection of Valentine's cards

For those on the go: A mobile home

Ode to January with this amazing inspiration board

What a difference color makes in these black and white

I sometimes feel like this

I would love to be here

...and the secret is out:  I've had a crush on Bobby Kennedy, ever since I can remember.  I believe he's one of the smartest men to graze the White House.
{Images via Vintage Everyday and Flickr}

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  1. I totally get the political crush! I don't follow celeb gossip and rarely have celeb crushes, but politics, definitely.