January 9, 2012

Home for the holidays, Part 3

Hello friends, I can't believe it's already the new year and I haven't written a single word about it here.  I apologize terribly for leaving you without explanation.  It's been a trying week for me here in Florida.  I was scheduled to return to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, January 7th and some things came up that made that difficult.  To make things simpler, I'm now traveling back to the island with mom and Emilu and, of course, Piki, who got terribly sick (more on that later) these past few days.

The family spending a very untraditional New Year's Eve celebration:  BBQ, cocktails in the early evening and dinner later at night.  By the time it was 10 p.m. some of us were already embriagated and so tired.  But I wouldn't have changed it for the world. 

This is how it all started:  Gin, some leftover Vodka and of course plenty of wine.  Have you tried Proseco before?  I never had and now I simply cannot get enough. 

Some tapas for the empty stomachs, because as you may well know, New Year's Eve is about the drinks.

How did you spend your lovely New Year's Eve?  I can't wait to hear about it, and I will be posting more pictures of our evening affair that night.  And of course, cheers to 2012!

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  1. wow, a back yard with palmtrees! Looks like a great night. I haven't tried Prosecco but I read about it at another blog and got curious. So now you made me more curious :-)

    Since you really liked Anders Petersen I just want to tell you that he has published several photo books. You can check it out on his web site if you like. He actually says himself, that if he had to choose between photo books and exhibitions, he would choose photo books. You can go back to them over and over again, and you can look at the photos with diffrent people and talk about them.

    Hugs Maria