December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and more

Hello friends, here's wishing you a merry Christmas and a great holiday week full of laughter, good food, and plenty of love.  Today my husband arrives, he hasn't seen Emilu for a few weeks now.  We are spending Christmas Eve with his family.  They celebrate in style with a Cuban roast pig (I won't be eating it) and plentiful good wine. Neighbors and friends join them every year as well.  Next week, my husband and I are invited to a dinner party hosted by a good friend of ours and my husband's former boss.  Of course, it wouldn't be the holidays without some much needed shopping.  My husband and I spend most of the 26th hitting the shops, looking for great deals.  I really don't need anything more, but he sure does.

I will be doing some baking today too.  I'm planning to bake this chocolate cake, which is comfortably delicious for the festivities around us. 

I want to wish each and every reader of this blog the best holiday time ever, and thank you for all the wonderful comments and support, it means the world to me.  Here's a few cheery links for your enjoyment this weekend. Ho Ho Ho.

Cheers to the New Year with this sparkly giveaway

A chocolate cake in this holiday tree bundt pan must be so yummy and fun

Thoughts on giftgiving are always welcomed

What people wanted for Christmas in 1975

Kenziepoo's little room is beautiful!

I bet Santa would love these cookies instead of ol' chocolate chips

A sentimental graphic letter to a new home

Learn more about the North Star here and here

The cutest Holiday family pictures {in the French countryside)


  1. Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christamas weekend! My nailpolish is drying now - typing very carefully - and then I'm off to the Christmas Eve celebration. A very Merry Christmas to you! Hugs Maria

  2. Maria I wish you the best holiday too. Have fun and you for your friendship!