December 27, 2011

Banana cupcakes

I loved cooking in my mother's DR apt. kitchen.  I posted the pictures here.  While staying with them I baked a few chocolate cakes, including cupcakes from Martha Stewart's recipe collection.  And people were so impressed with how they came out.  The secret? Gas stove.  The baking is more even and much faster, which allows for more moist cakes.

These banana cupcakes were simply delicious.  My plan was to frost them but opted to leave them plain because the flavor was perfect.  I'll do it next time.  Speaking of next time, my husband gave me for Christmas a cupcake recipe book with more than 100 recipes.  I can't wait to try them all!

How about you?  Any favorite cupcakes come to mind?  Have you tried Martha Stewart's recipes?  I just love them because I know they will taste great but also because she's so peculiar and exact with everything she puts her name on, I rest assured that the recipes will always come out strong and delicious!


  1. Wait a second here. You're claiming a gas oven bakes more evenly? I've always felt the opposite. The gas ovens I've worked with in the past always cook my brownies from the bottom up so I end up with a completely uncooked top and a rock hard bottom. But maybe I was just working with the wrong oven. I have a gas oven in my new apartment and so far, we've gotten along. Maybe I'll make these cupcakes and test that a bit...

  2. Really? Then I not sure why they came out so perfect! I have also noticed that when I follow recipes from online food networks and celebrity chefs, I always have to bake or cook for longer time in my oven which is electric while theirs is gas. If I had the choice after cooking in both, I'd rather have a gas one.