December 15, 2011

Home for the holidays, Part. 1

Yesterday while Emilu was napping I found myself snapping pictures of my mother's kitchen. She's a great cook, although her baking is much better than her cuisine, and her most sumptuous dessert is the orange pie.

Just recently, I have found myself baking more, and I've discovered how much I enjoy it.  Between baking and cooking, there's a sea of difference, and if I had to choose today, I'd bake more, for there's nothing like the feeling of watching the dough rise in the oven.   

I love the picture above.  Having a rocking chair in your kitchen is such a smart move, let alone a pretty styling detail  Of course, you need space, but in this part of the world, spacious kitchens are sometimes the norm rather than the exception. I've already rocked Emilu to sleep here late in the afternoons or early in the mornings. 

My mom keeps so many  jars and containers, enough to store food for months.  She's from the school of thought where more is better, at least where the kitchen is concerned.

The material most used here is native mahogany. It's used for bedroom closets, linen closets, kitchen cabinets, and of course furniture.  However, my mom complains the wood warps easily without maintenance, which can be a problem. With the holiday homecomings soon approaching, do you have any favorite places and spots around your parents' house? Happy and safe homecomings!


  1. Your mother's kitchen looks really cosy, and I wish I could go home to my mother. Both my parents are deceased, my mother in 2008 and my father as early as 1980. I'm really happy I have siblings!

    What does DR stand for? That is where your mother lives, istn't it?

    Have a lovely weekend Patricia, and thanks for the visits and comments during the week! :-)

  2. My parents live in the Dominican Republic. I'm glad you have siblings, sorry to hear about your parents. Enjoy your weekend, Maria!

  3. I absolutely love the idea of a rocking chair in the kitchen. This space is beautiful -- you can tell everything has been thought through so carefully.

    And if you ever want to have a baking party or swap recipes, I'm your girl.