December 14, 2011

Christmas gifts for husband

Photo via Gramfeed

 Shopping for men can be tricky, and this lovely snapshot got me thinking about what to give my husband for Christmas.  Year after year is the same dilemma, and I end up buying the same type of gift: shirts.  But, I feel  inspired to think outside the box this year. I want to surprise him. Maybe the reason they appreciate gift cards it's because they are so tricky to buy for. On the contrary, we women are always waiting for something bulky or sparkly, right?  I'm also getting gift ideas for men here. Happy Shopping!


  1. love this! very classic and cozy items:) good luck finding your husband a gift &thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Really cosy mix in the photo, looks suited for a weekend in the country :-) I would be happy to get that cardigan or the bright knitted hat or socks for Christmas myself!

  3. I love these pieces for myself too! In fact, I think this is suited for a girl too.