September 30, 2011

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Hello everyone, I was just picking up around the house and realized I hadn't posted my weekend post.  So here it goes. This weekend we are planning to attend the Crafty Bastards Arts Festival on Sat.  Then Sunday we'd like to also checkout the Turkish Food Festival.,which apparently is one of the best in D.C. And I bet!  Whatever you end up doing I hope you have a blast!  Speaking of blasts, here are a few Blast of the Past links I found around the web

1960's and 70s New York, Oh so retro.

It doesn't get anymore Retro than this Audrey Hepburn Ensemble

 Big Chill in kitchen appliances are so vintage and retro cool!

Multi-stripe wedges, 70's are back!

Banana Seat Bicycle Red Onesie

I found this Retro Coffee Quote poster, I think I might get it.

This entire print shop in Etsy carries art prints to your Retro heart content.

How about an entire blog dedicated to Retro stuff.

A magnolia necklace that's sure to give your Retro look a sophisticated boost. 

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