September 28, 2011

Giggle makes me giggle!

As a new post series, I will be exploring children's stores around town and posting the images in this blog.  Last week we were in the Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase neighborhood and found this amazing children's store I never knew existed. It's called Giggle and it's absolutely wonderful. One of the amazing things about being a new mom is discovering the world of baby-related things.  Yeah I know, it's always been there, but you would have never known it was there until you have a baby!

I love the modern lines of this dresser. It's perfection!

I'm digging the new Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks.

Animal design rockers and animal print storage bags.

This is the perfect bassinet!

When you live in the city, space is luxury.  This dresser/changing table is the perfect solution for a cramped style.

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