August 19, 2011

Do you like where you live?

I love our neighborhood of Dupont Circle.  It's a premium real estate land in the District, and even though we are renters, we definitely pay up for the local  amenities.  But in this stage of our lives we wouldn't change it for the world.  Now that we have Emilu, we like to stay as long as possible.  A mortgage is the next sensible step, but we aren't in any hurry especially when this city is not a buyer's market like it might be in the rest of the country.

Everything in Dupont Circle is within walking distance, including supermarkets, coffeshops, locally-owned hardware stores, trendy boutiques, as well as some of the city’s best restaurants and bars. Dupont’s buzz and commerce is Connecticut Avenue, which is bisected by the circle and packed with stores, restaurants, and bars humming with activity. North of the circle, the street is home to traditional favorites like Kramerbooks, one of the city’s best bookstores and popular cafes, and upscale wine bars Circa and Veritas. Hanks Oyster Bar, a local seafood eatery a block from our apt. is a great place to eat and unwind.  President Obama chose Komi, a local restaurant known for its progressive and rich course-meal dinners, to celebrate his anniversary with Michelle back in 2009.

Then there are the intangibles: freebies like the circle itself, which fills up on sunny weekends; a new dog park at 17th and S Street; and miles of bike lanes crisscrossing the neighborhood. On Sunday mornings, residents from all over the city flock to the neighborhood’s farmer’s market, the largest in the city, and pack the coffee houses with their iMacs, and copies of the Sunday NYTimes.

Do you like where you live?  What's so special about it?  Have a lovely weekend in your neighborhood basking in the last weeks of sun-filled summer days.

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