March 27, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was so cold here in DC, but thank goodness I didn't put our Winter wear away just yet.  It's just that March can be so unpredictable! But two weeks ago it was so warm up here that I took it as a sign of Spring;s arrival, especially because all the sidewalks and home fronts got facelifts with new mulch and freshly planted daffodils and tulips.  Even the birdies were out making good use of the sun and collecting fringe for their new nests.  And the cherry blossoms, which are a big deal here, bloomed ahead of schedule, but it's so freaking cold now I don't think many people will go see them this weekend. 

So, braving the cold, I kept my Saturday wax appointment.  I have been meaning to do this, however, I have been lazy and to be quite frankly short of money for this expensive beauty upkeep.  I used to have it done back in Miami every month like clockwork, but once I arrive here, it wasn't my priority.  I definitely recommend a Brazilian wax at least once in your life and guarantee that once past the initial shyness and fear of pain, yes it hurts, you will love the result.  I recommend Leslie over at Last Tangle.  She is so sweet and professional, very efficient and makes you feel comfortable.  I could have easily prompted her to regret keeping my appointment when she saw this huge 8-month pregnant lady walk in and get naked.  But she was just perfect.  In fact I will be coming back in a month, just before delivery.

For the rest of the day, my husband and I did our usual errands;  grocery shopping, walking the dog, cleaning the house.  We went out to eat some pupusas and Argentine empanadas at the Mount Pleasant Latin food cookout.  For dinner we tried this relatively new place two blocks from our apt. called Agora and we absolutely loved it. Their approach is Mediterranean tapas.  We ate their stuffed flat bread, the fried mussels, the shrimp and the fried zucchini pancakes.  We finished off with a wonderful dessert made of mascarpone cheese and apricot covered walnuts sprinkled with caramel and pistachios. We also shared a semi-sweet Turkish coffee. I will definitely come back here.

When we came back home just before 8:30 p.m. we unplugged everything, shut off all the lights and went off the grid for Earth Hour.  We lighted candles, and sat in our toasty bed, watching the shadows form in our windows and chatting about our future.  It was the perfect way to end a lovely Saturday.  

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