March 25, 2011

Fashion Fridays

Is the head scarf back?  Let's be honest about head scarves and scarves in general.   Not everyone can pull them off.  Some women were born to wear them.  They just know how to.  Others, well, what can I say.  I 'm making my own fashion forward prediction for this Spring:  Scarves are hot again! Or it could be the biggest fashion faux pas ever. I wonder what my fashionista friend over at NewYorkerStyle thinks of my bold announcement. Only time will tell if I'm right.  In the meantime, let's enjoy some scarves.   

And some celebrities can really wear them well.  Take the case of Jennifer Lopez, whom I don't consider a fashion icon nor an icon at all.  However she knows how to wear it.  And the same goes for young Nicole Ritchie. 

For a more traditional or utilitarian look, the hijab is the choice for some Muslim fashion sensitive women.  And some are stunningly beautiful. 

By the way I think it worth mentioning that Queen Rania of Jordan does not wear a scarf.  She avoids it like it's poison.  Just try to google her in a scarf and see for yourself.  Although she must have worn it on special occasions I'm sure

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