March 11, 2011

Fill in the Blank Fridays!

It's Friday!  And another issue of Fill in the Blank Friday is just what I need to kick off the weekend.  Here in DC we were promised mostly clear skies and nice cool temperatures.  I sure hope they are right!

1.   I am most grateful in life for my health and my family.  For the opportunity to pursue my dreams and for the chance to love and be loved in return.  I'm also grateful for the gift of motherhood.

2.  Today I feel a bit hormonal and vulnerable.  I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and a rush of emotions is running through my body.  Are we ready?

3.  I'm currently reading   The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.  It's about a family's history of redemption and love.  

4.  The last thing I bought for Emilu were two summer dresses in seersucker fabric,one lavender, the other pale yellow.  I can't wait to see her in them. It's funny how my shopping urges have shifted from shopping for myself to shopping for our daughter.

5.  Today I'm missing my mother and the smell of our old gardenia bush in the backyard of our old Miami home.  Spring is about to arrive and the smell of flowers is something I'm looking forward to and of course, the cherry blossoms.

6.  I'm dreaming of  my daughter and a trip to Paris.  Last night we saw an episode of House Hunters in HGTV and the featured city was Paris.  I would love to go there.  I have never been.
7.  The thing I underestimate most is my instinct. I have a pretty good feel of things and their nature, but I sometimes lack the instant confidence to turn situations to my advantage (without hurting anyone).  I should learn to trust my instinct more.  

Happy weekend.  Peace and Love!

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