March 3, 2011

The Case for Cloth Diapers

This diaper could be used as a cover. The pre-fold can be inserted as a 
liner or worn on your baby

I never knew I would come to the conclusion of using cloth diapers for any of my children. I don't even remember how and when I started to get used to this idea.  But, the truth is my husband and I are eco-conscious consumers.  When my husband's car got stolen in 2007, we made a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint by getting a Prius.  We are mad recyclers and our lifestyles reflect a conscious way of living, not only at home but when we are outside our home as well. So, you could say cloth diapering was the next step.  However, I was skeptical.  I asked around.  A friend who started her child on disposables and later switched to cloth was so happy and relieved.  So I had to see for my own. I researched online what mommies were saying about the trials of this system. And at the end, I was sold!  It is much cheaper and much better for your baby and for the environment.  So that's all it took.

This is the versatile pocket diaper.  Pre-folds are inserted.
Highly absorbent. 

Pre-folds.  They come in pre-cut shape are made from a variety of fibers, including 
organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc. The better ones can last
an entire lifetime.

However, it took me about three months of reading to learn the basics and not-so-basics of cloth diapering. I learned, for ex., that when your baby is an infant, pre-folds and a diaper cover or wrap are better than the one-size pocket diaper, because you want a better fit to avoid leaks.  As your baby grows and puts on pounds, then these pre-folds, which are by the way, the cheapest and most versatile cloth diaper out there, could be later used as inserts (diaper liners) with your one-size pocket diapers.  So after about 3-4 months your baby graduates to one-size and keeps using them until he/she is ready to potty train.  It's so simple and genius! We are planning on investing about $200 for the first 3 months and after that we will double that investment until potty-training! 

But, like everything, there are some cons.  However I don't see them as cons per se, it takes some getting used to, that's all.  We will have to do diaper laundry every day or every other day.  The good thing is that these diapers dry so fast and are made to last!  Another thing is that it might not be grandparent or nanny friendly.  Again it takes some getting used to.  Besides before disposables, everyone wore cloth diapers.  I did.  My mother did.  I think my husband did also.

Can't wait to get our cloth diaper starter kit in the mail!

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