November 9, 2012

Keep calm and enjoy the weekend!


Hello, friends, I hope your week was productive and sane.  I'm so glad this week is finally over.   We have decided to plan a baptism for our daughter in Miami, and there's so much to plan and do.  So, I will be busy with that.  We are shooting for Dec. 23.  Sometimes things get overwhelming in your life.  Work, duties, friendships, family, etc.  This quote is perfect to help me find balance.  I also loved the links below, I hope you like them too.  So keep calm and have a cozy weekend!

Welcome November!

more California dreamin' 

soul-searching the night skies! 

6 awesome things Americans voted for in this election

home accessories I can cheer about!

have you ever felt like this? 

these awesome backpacks, but I've settled on this one!

i'm making this dessert this weekend

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