November 2, 2012

Happy elections weekend!

 Hi everybody, I'm so glad this week is finally over.  The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is devastating. The images are really haunting.  There are images of a darkened skyline of NYC, sand dunes in NJ's coastal cities and local airports completely devastated.  I hope these cities get back on their feet as soon as possible.  This weekend I'm venturing out to do election canvassing in Virginia.  I have never really done this, so I'm a bit nervous.  I just feel like I have to do this.  As a fellow citizen, I urge you to go out and vote, and take someone who's not planning on voting with you.  I see it as a duty more than a privilege. Happy weekend everyone, hope you stay warm and cozy, and here are some links I have found inspiring. 

Sandy hits Hoboken!

An open letter to Ann Coulter

Top knot

a beautiful and clever DIY wall art

completely smitten with this shop!

NYC can be vulnerable too

this adorable moon pinata is perfect!

i want this letter stamp set!

An open letter to President Obama!

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  1. We mailed in our votes last week.. hope all my fellow east coasters are able to vote.. it's a close race and we're going to need every vote to make sure the right man leads our country. Thanks for the reminder.