October 19, 2012

Have a lovely Fall weekend

I've been thinking about New York lately, even though we were just there a month or so ago.  It's just that Fall is the most gorgeous time in that city. And the smells and the colors have stayed with me ever since I went for the first time 18 years ago during the Fall.  During this time, we start rolling out the rituals we so much love to do.  I take out my favorite DVD, which I insist on watching only in the Fall.  I cook and bake certain dishes, like cheesecake, creme brulee, casseroles, and tomato basil soup.  I unearth a few blankets and switch up the throw pillows, and basically redecorate with more color and put more scent around the house.  It's part of the transformation and the search for beauty one craves during this time.  I've have also been thinking about the things I want more during this time, hence the snapshot above with affirmations to help me get there.  How about you friends, what are you searching for this Fall? Above, all, enjoy this time of year.

have you got the blues?

 I have a thing for woven baskets (i wish I could get them all!)

beautiful illustrations:  feathers and gills  

snapshots from our last time in New York:

two lovely things I like

a remarkable encounter

sometimes I dream hard about California, because of links this like this one and this one! and of course, this entire blog!

wow, i love the look of these giant washi tape wall decor!

the art of simple breakfasts! 

this home is absolutely gorgeous, my kind of home!

Paris! it's everywhere lately.

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  1. Hi Patricia! thank you so much for stopping by. It means a lot to me!!! I´m ver happy to know that you´ve pinned almost everything! Thank you!! ;-)

    with love
    Carmen from Sao Paulo - Brasil