September 12, 2012

Capital biking

Photo by Josh Bassett 

I was never one to really love biking.  You might gasp, but the truth is that I was more into tomboy sports as a kid, especially those that required balls.  Touchball, baseball, kickball, throwball, you name it.  And when we didn't have a ball, we would make one up.  With duct tape, packing tape, newspaper and gift wrapping tape. 
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I now I live in city where everyone bikes everywhere.  The Capital Bikeshare program is a hit, and one of the{stupid} reasons why they kicked out our last Mayor (this was costly mistake!)  But now, we are all thinking how did this city managed without bikes before?  The truth is that our biking program is one of the most successful in the country.  Mayor Fenty smartly allocated resources for infrastructure like permanent bike lanes and biking protocols for riders.

Photo by Joe in DC 

And to think that many opposed this program as costly, unnecessary, and yes, elitist.  I love bikes, and just wish I was brave enough to ride them. 
Photo by Josh Bassett

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  1. I bet you just need a few tries and you will be ready to ride about again:) Biking is so relaxing for me. Have a beautiful day, dear.xo