September 11, 2012

Art for children

This weekend we visited the National Gallery of Art.  It was a nice afternoon and it wasn't crowded with visitors.  Emilu roamed the halls of the Dutch and Flemish, and the French 19th Century masters collections.  It was rather a short visit, but we did make it a point to stop at the famed gift shop, and I couldn't stop giggling at the beautiful and well stocked art shop.

But what can you buy children who show an interest in art?  Well, almost anything really.  And this shop is full of possibilities.  Just the books are incredibly interesting, and they have an endless choices for parents and educators to choose from.
If you are ever in DC, and there are tons of things to do from visiting all the museums and the monuments around the Mall, all for free, DO stop by the gift shop of the National Gallery of Art. Your kids will love it!

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