August 24, 2012

Have a terrific weekend

Thank goodness the weekend is here.  We had several nights of broken sleep due to our dog getting sick from the stomach.  We are in the process of nursing him back to health.  Since he has long term liver disease and is very old, the stomach has become very sensitive as well.  It doesn't help that he has some disc (spinal chord)  damage and might be in  pain sometimes.  We are trying to manage that for him.  This weekend will be low key for us.  Do you have any exciting plans?  Next weekend we will be in NYC for my brother in law's wedding.  Ohh I can't wait!  Here are some precious links for your weekend!

sleep tight with a night light

this is the story of true Love 

cute dollhouses!

breathtaking view of next Olympics' host city

Brunettes in all shades!

creating the perfect home bar

Memories:  first day of school  ( i love her lace socks and shoes!)

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. So sad when dogs/pets get older. I hope he feels better.