July 23, 2012

Anything but bedtime

Have you struggled with bedtime before? Emilu's bedtime is late. It always has been. Being a high needs baby AND a poor sleeper almost immediately left us no options, but to basically follow her lead on this one. Our own pediatrician suggested it. Not all children are 7 o'clock bedtime sleepers. It's OK to push bedtime for when she's tired. The only problem is our nights are not are own. The good side of this: Since she's taking one long afternoon nap (usually 2 hours or more) we can cajole her to go back to sleep around 6ish when most 7 o'clock bedtime sleepers are waking up for the day. She takes her bottle at that time and we usually snooze until 8ish.


  1. there used to be a time D would be in bed by 8-830. Now it is almost 930. I think it has to do with the fact that is gets dark later. But once we are done with dinner and the dishes we turn off all the lights, stop talking, no computers, put all the toys away and turn on the tv to something we want to watch. D will snuggle with me for a bit then go to M and back to me and eventually fall asleep. This way we do get a little time for ourselves.. kind of.

  2. What a cute little helper and those are such a sweet photos. Hope you both have a great Monday. xoxo