June 8, 2012

Have an exotic weekend!

{Photo by me}

Hello lovely readers, we have reached the start of the weekend.  I'm back home and have some many projects to jump-start.  From kitchen and patio projects to simple recipes to cook and bake.  This vacation was reinvigorating and restful.  If all full time mothers could take some time off, away, getting inspired or just resting their eyes, all will be well with the world, seriously.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Like always, here's a few links I've truly enjoyed.

this jar of lemon curd is my fave, too!

doesn't this post pinch your exotic nerve?

looking out the window was never this cute!

it's in the details 

one important and underrated relationship advice 

where the sea turtles come to cry

world's largest chocolate temple

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  1. Blue sky, blue water, and sand -- what could be better? Thanks for linking to my turtle post!