June 15, 2012

Have a blooming weekend

{Photo by me}

A gardener friend once told me that Spring flowers bloom in three stages.  The first bloom, a second bloom and toward the end of Spring, the third and last bloom.  This must be the last bloom of the season.  There are flowers blooming everywhere around the city, and my neighborhood is no exception.  Any plans for Father's Day weekend?  We will spend it as family, low-key, maybe do some grilling in the patio, and just relax and count our blessings.  I hope you have a great Father's day weekend.  Here are a few links for your enjoyment.

dinner with Jose Andres

loved this piece of lit: wish i could write like this!

treasure hunting at Scott's!

Summer PJ's are so fun!

another Swedish home I'll live happily ever after

one unlucky fox

these happy hippos are so cute, I want one!

the best Summer pickle 


  1. What beautiful flowers! You must live in a very pretty neighborhood.

    1. Hi Lynette, I love where we live in DC, that's why we refuse to be moved, although we could use some more space. have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hi Patricia,

    I'm using my son's computer to be able to visit my blogfriends, because my laptop is still not working. My old stationary one is soooo slow, on its way to break down, makes me crazy if I use it.

    Love the flowers! Looks like hydrangea in the top photo, a whole bush, wow! And the rose photo is so pretty!

    I read "You should date an ilitterate girl" and I really liked it. Sad. Gives me a lot to think about. It's mood is like mine has been for a couple of weeks, but I try to become happier. Seeking inspiration.

    We don't celebrate fathers's day in Sweden now, not until November. I hope you will have a great father's day weekend with the family!

    Love Maria