May 22, 2012


I have so many things to be grateful for.  I have a loving husband; a beautiful, vibrant daughter; a loyal, and pernickety dog, and loving and generous parents.  Here's a few more things I'm really grateful for.

the opportunity to live away from family, makes us more appreciative and affords us the need to achieve personal growth, emotional maturity and to balance family life.
the chance to experience all four Seasons is something I'm grumpily but eternally grateful for.
a gregarious and happy 90 year old grandmother.
the ability to feel compassion, and respect for animals and people alike, with equal footing.

a love for words, pictures and imagination.

a mother that reminds me what's important and essential to be happy.

a father that accepts the shortcomings of his learning brood.

my fears, shortcomings, and self-doubt because their shadow makes certain parts shine brighter. 

raindrops and sunspots, birds making their nests, late-at night moms who breastfeed, my dog's stinky breath, my daughter's rice teeth, my hobbit's feet, cow's milk, inspiring commercials, patina-stained picture frames, and warm morning coffee.
{Photos by me}

And you? What are you most grateful for?


  1. Family, good health, a comfortable life, sunshine, flowers.

  2. health,family, husband , the opportunities and true friends