April 19, 2012

Women who make beautiful things

I came across this jewelry shop while watching bits of the Today showing the other day.  Kathy Lee was wearing a beaded necklace, which she revealed was made by a group of Ugandan women.  Now that I'm DIYing bracelets and other jewelry pieces, I was intrigued by their work.

The company is called Thirty One Bits and their mission is simple, to empower women to rise above poverty, thanks to these women, who made it possible. Did I mentioned the beads are made of paper!
I have my eyes on a couple of bracelets for this Summer. Would you buy from these amazing women? Mother's Day is a good excuse to get a beautiful necklace, and you will be helping a worthy cause.

1 comment:

  1. Now I have my eye on some bracelets from Thirty One Bits too :-) I absolutely think it feels good that something you buy can help others in a very direct way. I like buying from small companies over all, and especially companies that empower women in poor circumstances.