April 16, 2012

Instagram weekend

Hello, friends, I've had a late start this week.  Monday came and I was busy at home with the flooring guy, whose job of putting a new floor also meant I had to take care of the post cleaning.  The interrupted routine also affected Emilu's meal and nap times, which basically pushed everything aside, including my Monday post.

Everything is done now.  I have a new kitchen floor and it looks fabulous!  How was your weekend? Mine included a bit of everything from some DIY, a night outing to grab dinner on Friday the 13th (spooky!) and some relaxing time on Sunday afternoon. Here's mine in a few snapshots:


  1. Wonderful looking weekend, but I want to see the new kitchen floor!

  2. Really nice photos of your weekend! Sweet mix! I wish I had an IPhone so I could instagram too :-)

    Your painted wooden spoons looks really great, and so many diffrent colours! What were you trying to do with the kelim pattern you told me about? I can imagine it is much harder than wooden spoons or triangles...

    Love Maria