April 6, 2012

Have a relaxing Easter weekend

It's Friday already!  The week just flew didn't it?. I only wish the next few days go by even faster. The upcoming days will be trying but not impossible, as my husband leaves for Miami to re-list his condo and find a tenant, and I stay behind with baby and dog. So, there goes my weekend, I only hope the weather is nice so that I have an excuse to spend most of the hours outside.  How about you friends?  Hope your weekend is full of plans, even if that includes relaxing in a bath or in your living room.  I hear Beyonce is celebrating her 4 year anniversary this weekend, and has started a Tumblr page showcasing really amazing photos of her.  I urge you to visit it. I have always been impressed with her artistic journey and talents, and her beauty and honesty always shine through. If you celebrate Easter, have an egg-citing weekend!

Quite possibly the perfect beach house

A cute party twist on the grilled cheese/tomato soup combo!

What a cool and inspiring culinary palette!

What a sweet, extraordinary idea, would you ever do this?

The battle of the morning shows: When you can't beat them, join them {sorry, but I couldn't resist -who watched?}And if you are a morning show person, I recommend Morning Glory

The best 15 outdoor spaces to enjoy this Spring!

Oh my sweets, this cake shop makes my mouth watery

Love this artist's Tumblr! page (Hint:  She's a new mother)

This colorful and airy Toronto apartment makes me happy, but this NYC Penthouse is calling me!

Oh this totally makes me want to have another child!

{Images via Tumblr}


  1. Hope you have a nice Easter. My kids are coming home, so that will be nice. My husband has been away for two weeks, so it'll be nice to have someone other than the dog to talk to!

  2. That's wonderful Lynette, enjoy it! Thanks!

  3. Hello Patricia! Wedding organisation is really difficult. Me and boyfriend were spending more time together before this marriage decision!!
    The cake shop link made me feel hungary, this is not good for person on diet :)
    Wish you a great Easter,