April 24, 2012

Color blocking your bookshelves

By now you already have a clear idea of how much I love bookshelves. Our bookshelf is located in our very narrow entryway, it was the only place for it. You can see a better view here.  On Sunday I reorganized the books by color, but couldn't give you a frontal shot of the whole unit because of the space issue. I can only shoot each square to show you how the project turned out. But I really wish you could see it as a whole. It looks stylish, and most importantly eye-pleasing.


  1. Oh I just love bookshelves...and I have never seen the color blocking idea. That is awesome! I need to redo my bookshelves.

  2. It looks totally beautiful. We also colour-coded our bookshelf. I love how snazzy it looks. Btw: That photo of your mom is so sweet! Have a great day, dear. xo