April 12, 2012

Eleven months

If you feel you days are slow and drab, try having a baby, I guarantee you this will change.  This high needs baby of mine is now 11 months old! and there's a sea of difference in her personality and temperament now, than when she was a small baby. This girl is impatient, stubborn and so curious already.  She could hear the subtlest sound at the end of the room, and off she goes like Inspector Gadget to investigate what it is.

There's also a hint of naughtiness in her budding personality I can't seem to shake off.  When she wants something, she wants it now.  She's also done a couple of solo standings, meaning she stands for a few seconds on her own, and then plops down.  Now that crawling is her signature way of getting around everywhere, I have to keep our floors cleaned all the time.  I usually do this everyday while she's having breakfast in her high chair.  Living in the grounds of a split level apt. building means all the dust and dirt from the streets easily sips in through the windows and doors.  I'm also teaching her the body parts and she already knows how to send a kiss, wave goodbye, call you with her hand, give you a hug and is now trying to whistle.  Sounds crazy right?  But my brother, at this age already knew how to whistle, except he made the sound inhaling air, instead of exhaling, and she's doing the same thing!

**A few things she does, which makes me a happy mama**

+  greets her dad when he walks in from work.
+ gives hugs to her dolls and toys
+ sometimes she hides toys from me
+ dances to tunes in TV, especially the Downton Abbey introduction music
+ mastered the "goodbye" wave, the "come" hand command.
+ points to her head when I say HEAD, and to her tummy when I say TUMMY (and that's about all, I'm teaching her the rest of the body parts)
+ points to everything
+ claps on command
+ puts her toys away when I start picking them up
+ calls everyone "dadada"
+ eats solids, which include potatoes, pasta, chicken, broccoli, rice, spinach, avocado and asparagus for lunch, and fruits and yogurt for afternoon snacks
+ dances to music on TV
+ religiously enjoys watching her CBeebies every morning during breakfast
+ chooses her own clothes by pointing which one she likes to wear
+ gives the most heart-warming hugs ever
+ wants a taste of what you are eating always, no exceptions
+ loves, loves, really loves grapes!

Sweet girl, you are my everything.  Thanks for making a proud mama out of me. Also her birthday is coming up soon.  I need to start planning that. How about your babies?  Did they do something funny or endearing which made you swell with pride?

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