February 2, 2012

So long, farewell

[So long, farewell...I hate to go and leave this pretty sight!]

It's here friends. My two month sojourn has finally come to a close. I have been away too long from my home (since December 3rd) and it's time to return. In the two months that I have been away, Emilu has grown tons.  She's now crawling, eating practically everything except dairy and red meat, and has a full crown of hair.  She also has one set of bottom teeth and the next set of upper teeth lined up to come out.  She babbles so much now and is learning the meaning of my expressions and gestures. And has learned how to wave good-bye. We are mutually infatuated and I think this is the beginning of true, lasting love.

Allow me to give you a farewell tour.

I've had an amazing time here in this refuge I call my second home, even with the wave of earthquakes we had in the middle of January.  Oh boy, that was a bit scary!  I had time to rest and enjoy the company of my two wing women, my mother and grandmother as well as my sister's and nephew's.  I also allowed myself to be pampered and spoiled with beauty treatments and coffee served on demand. Le sigh!I got to bake a lot and have perfected a very delicious chocolate cupcake recipe.

The pictures below show the amazing, lucky view my sister enjoys every morning while sipping her coffee, and I wanted you to see it.  Isn't grand, this mountain view? As if life couldn't be sweeter, she's next to my nephew's school!

These pictures I took with different lens from the moving bus on my way to the capital, Santo Domingo, to meet my baby nephew.  It's mountains everywhere. I even managed to squeeze in a cow!

We also had a chance to celebrate my dad's birthday with a small family get together.  I hadn't had one of those in a while. Here are a few pictures of that day.

I'm thankful for this past two months, and anxious to be back to being a family of three! Thanks dad for making this two months so sweet and restful!

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  1. I know you'll miss your family, but it is always nice to get back to your own home.