February 24, 2012

Have a rad weekend!

Photo by Josh Johnson via Mashable

Is it true that Instagram is coming to Android?  I have been hearing these rumors for the past  months and I just can't find a reliable source that would confirm this.  In the meantime, I do my photo editing using Lightbox, which is good but is no Instagram.  I have been adamant about buying an Apple computer all these years.  I tend to be pretty loyal to my products and my Dell throughout the years has been so good to me.  But, lately all the cool and innovative technology has been coming from Apple, and what's a girl to do? Anyway, enough about my rants.  I hope you guys have a nice weekend.  I have a few projects to finish around the house.  The patio is getting a pre-Spring cleaning, and my husband and I will enjoy a dinner & movie NIGHT on Saturday, watching this film and eating this dish. As always friends, enjoy your weekend.  Here are few links I have enjoyed this week.

European parliament is a family-friendly workplace

Humor:  7 types to "unfriend" in Facebook

Icons and their bikes

really cool backpacks 

this truly is a Love Project:  Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall

Oh my, I'm loving these constellation cheesecake tarts!

I want to visit this open-air museum in Lund, Sweden (it's the 2nd largest in the world)


  1. I need to learn more about all these photo tools!

  2. Wow, you linked to my post :-) I hope you can visit some day, it would be fun! I took some time to go trough an exhibition called Folk art & Design today (I have to know all the buildings and exhibitions) and there were so many pretty and interesting things - and some quirky too. I will post about it tomorrow :-)

    You have posted so many times since I was here last, I dont't have enough energy to read blogs every day right now. My new job demands a lot of my energy. But I love to visit my internet friends!

    I wish I had Iphone/instagram too, I don't even have a smart phone... so I don't know anything about instagram for Android.

    Fun links! It's really great to see a child in the European parliament, and I LOVED the photo with Hitchcock on a bike! (Had to pin it of course!)

  3. AND I have to see Midnight in Paris too! I love Woody Allen-movies, but haven't seen this. Have a nice romantic evening with your husband tomorrow :-)

  4. I read somewhere from the Instagram creators that they are trying to make an app for the Android. I recently switched from Android to Iphone and I have LOVED instagram.

  5. I hope that android gets instagram. The only reason I want an iphone is because of instagram and hipstomatic *sighhh. I do love Apple products though, ever since I bought my macbook I have been hooked. Hope you had a good date night with the hubby :] I really like the backpack link/list, I want a new one so bad.