February 17, 2012

Have a fantastic long weekend

 {Photo via Enthusiastic Artist}

It's almost tulip season, and can't wait!  Tulips are one of favorite perennials.  My husband gave me white and pink tulips on Valentine's Day.  I split the bouquet in three arrangements and placed it around the house.  Lovely!  Well, what are you guys up to this weekend?  I will be arranging two walls in my apt. with prints and art.  I have some wild inspiration collected from the web.  Also, there's a good chance my brother and sister-in law will be visiting from New York.  And I'm excited for friends I support in their charities back in the island, because this coming week, some of them will receive an awesome visit (World Vets will be in the Dominican Republic for two weeks! -providing life changing veterinary care for many shelters and families in need)  This really is a remarkable thing, as animal and pet care is not like it is in the US.  As always I hope you enjoy your weekend.  Here are a few links that had me swooning this week.

A Frassin' week in Paris!

Leaning frames are the best!
Words to live with, everyday!

Roosters are my favorite!

Remember when we used to write in the back of photos?

Confetti in your head? An easy DIY confetti tablecloth I will be trying out for sure!

This baby shower is a DREAM!


  1. tulips are one of my favorite flowers! i miss you my friend i need to go visit soon!! i need to catch up on things!

  2. Isn't that a lovely picture? I got tulips for Valentine's, too! I love tulips.

  3. I love the Talking photos, I pinned one and have to go back for more later :-)

    Good luck with your walls! I'm taking it really easy today, after my three first days at my new job. But tomorrow I will do some decluttering and organazing :-)

    Have a great weekend! Love Maria