January 31, 2012

Young at heart

Today is my dad's birthday. He's turning 60, or what they now call the Golden Decade.  Happy Birthday Papi! We celebrated his birthday two days ago at my uncle's house with a BBQ and a chocolate mousse cake (his favorite). He's young heart and sometimes it's hard to keep up with him.  As in true Aquarius fashion, he lives his life to the fullest and enjoys being the center and the compass of this family.  My nephew who's almost 7 once said, I love Papa's voice, because it sounds like God's.


  1. Happy birthday to your dad! It's funny but when i first saw first picture "Oh! What a big cup,is this place a funfair?" Then i realized, this is a picture behind a real cup! :)
    Sometimes i can't understand how my little brain imagines like this!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad! With a voice of God he's sure to have had a great life, I hope he continues to!