January 17, 2012

Pink suited her

Jackie's famous pink suit will forever be embedded in America's historical conscience. However, the history of the outfit did not begin in Dallas. It also holds many happy memories from the Kennedy administration. The suit was made in 1961 by the New York dress salon of Chez Ninon.The dress is reportedly a Chez Ninon copy of a Chanel pink boucle wool suit trimmed with a navy blue collar. Estimated cost $800 to $1,000. In a 2010 Coco Chanel biography, it is claimed that Chanel provided the material for the suit, and that Chez Ninon merely "assembled it." So the mystery continues somewhat. We do know that both salons had roles in the making of the suit. She wore the suit several times from 1961-63. It was at President Kennedy's request that she wear the outfit in Dallas. He said she looked "ravishing in it." (Susan Mary Alsop, 1963)

Text and Images via Pinkpillbox


  1. Just once I wish my husband would say I look "ravishing." :)

  2. That's is indeed a powerful compliment!