January 24, 2012

Paris love locks

We all know that the City of Lights is the romantic and idyllic destination for love.  Dreaming of having our honeymoon there (if you are like me) and picturing ourselves living the Paris life at least once in a lifetime.  To capture this idea of romantic love, Ronda Carman from All the Best blog snapped this picture of heart locks, which have been attached to a metal fence on the Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge over the Seine River.

In recent years, couples have been attaching engraved padlocks to the bridge and throwing the keys into the Seine as a sign of never-ending love. How romantic is this? Although now sources say that the locks have become an eye sore on an otherwise pretty sight and have been scheduled for removal.  Oh how I dream of traveling to Paris this year to see them before they all disappear!


  1. That is so romantic, I really hope they will let the locks stay!

    I've been to Paris, but not with a boyfriend or husband, and it was many, many years ago. A new love and a Paris trip - yes please!

    Hope you and your husband will be able to go to Paris sometime. It IS a romantic city.