January 20, 2012

Morning Quake

Two nights ago I was just putting Emilu back to sleep around 2:30 a.m. when I felt my bed shaking. People always say here in the island they feel these tremors by the handful in the early hours of the morning, but I was never one of those people until that night. About 15 minutes before the quake, while I was rocking Emilu to sleep, the neighborhood dogs, which are many in this street, started hauling and barking furiously, which made me think someone was either entering and breaking into a house or they were getting into a fight. So I opened my eyes and looked over the nightstand and saw the lampshade shaking. I sat up and it stopped. I glanced at the crib, she was sleeping. I wondered where it had come from, because it was rather mild (5.0)

When things stopped shaking, the dogs' barks got dimmer and lower.  Animals know, they feel things and sometimes try to alert us and we just don't have the intuition or the wisdom to trust the animal world.

How about you? The first quake I ever felt was last year in Washington, DC (out of all places!) It turns out there is a seismic fault along the West Virginia/Virginia boundary that's pretty much overdue in seismic activity.  And that was rather strong and long.  It was felt all the way in Canada.  Have you ever felt an earthquake?


  1. I have felt tremors several times, thankfully not a strong earthquake.

    I just love the photo of the panda!

  2. Scary when you sit there with a small baby...

    I have felt a very mild earthquake once, here in Malmö. It was in the middle of the night,I woke up because the building and the bed was shaking. But I quickly fell asleep again, I guess I was so sleepy that I thought it was a dream:-) But it was the talk of the day at work the next morning.

    Are you in DR now? You travel around, so it's hard to keep track of where you are :-)

  3. The panda is indeed cute, I found it on Pinterest, and it had just experienced an earthquake in China (poor thing) I'm now again in the DR, came back after the holidays, I go back to DC in two weeks. Have a great weekend friends!

  4. DC quake was crazy! Washingtonians dont handle extreme natural phenomena that well.