January 12, 2012

Children's books

Let's talk about books for children, which I know nothing about.  Really.  I know something about books for adults, but only a little, since I don't have time to read (for now, I hope) and don't know which authors have published new books anymore.  I read somewhere, in a blog, that children's books have their own developmental valve and many are written keeping this in mind.  When I was little, I read whatever book cruised in front of me, regardless of age and maturity appropriateness.  No one was watching closely what I read or didn't read.  It was actually liberating and made me appreciate reading even more.  Besides I was always wanting to read what my elders were reading, it looked far more interesting than what I was reading.  Anyway, I was browsing online and found these three books, which look fascinating.  I wonder what taste in books Emilu will have.

A cousin of mine has started reading The Little Prince to her three year old girl.  It's the first chapter book she reads to her and she's so into it. I don't remember my first chapter book. Which one was yours?

Images via Grasshopper

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  1. I so miss reading to my son, and seeing him read more and more advanced books...well, I guess he is still getting more and more advanced in his reading, but it's so much more obvious when they are small children. I also miss his cd:s with stories that he used to listen to. There are so many great childrens books!