January 23, 2012

ALT Design Summit

I was recently browsing through my favorite blogs and saw the recap posts about ALT Design Summit 2012, which took place in Salt Lake City.  As a new kid on the blogosphere, I was excited to learn that such conference exist for people like us.  And while many of the attendees have returned home with tons of fresh, inspired ideas and new connections and goals for their blogs, I'm thrilled that although I couldn't make it this year, I hope I can learn and distill some wisdom from my favorite bloggers about tips to manage their blogs and transmute all that inspiration we find in each other everyday.
And I was happy to learn that one of my favorites style bloggers, Jenny from Little Green Notebook has an amazing post last year on just that. Tips on how to be a better blogger and what goals you expect to achieve. I will be annotating and drawing out my blog goals this year, but firstly I hope to overcome my fear of commitment and stick to this because at the end of the day, I love to blog; and secondly, I hope I can cement many of the friendships I have made this year with other bloggers, whom I admire and get inspiration from. 

Image via Little Green Notebook

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