December 1, 2011

Be a Hero

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

I'm not sure what made me do this post today. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a new mom, or maybe it's because Christmas time is close. I just think this picture depicts so many things, and should make us reevaluate how lucky we are. You can read more about this picture here. This snapshot was taken back in 2006 by a nurse. It depicts a soldier in Iraq comforting a baby girl whose entire family was killed by an insurgent attack. She was shot in the head, had been operated on several times and was inconsolable those first days. This U.S. soldier rocked her to sleep a few times while she was at the hospital. Nobody knows what became of the girl. So many anonymous stories like this one in Afghanistan and Iraq.  What's important to you this Christmas?  Think about those in need this time of year and how you can help. It's so worth it for somebody else.  It makes the difference to them.

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