November 7, 2011

Starting Solids

 I will be starting Emilu on solid, mashed food later this week.  Incredible how time flies.  I still remember when she was a newborn, the sleepless nights, and her inconsolable hunger cries when my breast milk wasn't enough (we introduced formula early, she's a 50/50 breast/formula baby).  Now my baby will start cooked food and I feel a bit apprehensive about it.  Did this happen to you?  Of course, I'm also very excited for her.  I want to cook her organic vegetables and offer her pieces of fruit from my hand. But, I know that this will inevitably lead to weaning and I don't think I'm prepared for that "death" yet.  As much as I like to fret about nursing, and how it's a love-hate thing for me, the truth is I will miss the rapport and intimacy of the act, and I'm paranoid that this will affect our special bond. 

I think I will cook this sweet potato dish for her. Doesn't it look yummy?  I think I might have a serving for me as well.  And for something sweet, I will introduce this one later. 

And of course, starting solids means booster chair time.  She will become an official member of the dining table.  Hurray!  It will be cute when she starts dropping food at our dog Piki.  That could be a new found special bond between them, and then I won't feel as bad about her weaning.  

I will be sure to capture some snapshots of this monumental moment. After all, she's the star of this blog.


  1. A writer and an architect?! I think this little cutie's going to be awfully talented when she grows up!

    PS you should enter my NYC giveaway!

  2. Thanks Jessica for the sweet comment. I already entered your giveaway! I desperately need new, sassy hair products.

  3. So precious! Oh, I miss those first 6 months! Our little one had such a hard time with solids. I made pureed organic veggies and he wouldn't eat any of it. I bought Earth's Best stuff, and he ate it by the jar fulls! It's going to be a tough road if he doesn't like his momma's cooking! :)

    We did skip rice cereal altogether because he just wouldn't eat it.

    Get ready for messes!
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  4. I hope she likes my cooking thanks for the baby food sugestion I will look into it!