November 1, 2011

Six Months

Emilu is almost six months old. Babies at this age are discovering new things everyday. Objects and things, for example, continue to exist in their heads, even when they can no longer see them. So when she's sleeping and is moaning in her sleep, she might be thinking about these objects she wants to play with, or maybe missing her mommy's face.

In addition, social referencing is experienced at this age. Between six and 12 months, a baby...
  • can look in the direction that your eyes are gazing (she's already doing this)
  • may modify his/her approach to, or withdrawal from, a novel situation by the positive (or negative) expression on a parent's face;
  • begins to direct his/her gaze toward familiar people or objects, in response to common words when a parent labels what the baby is looking at;
  • Shows a toy to a parent in a manner of sharing wonder. (I can't wait for this)
Everyone told me this.  Babies grow up so fast, before you know it she will be walking and then, you'd love to have her crawling again.  Time indeed is inexorable. 


  1. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!!! All those photos are melting my heart. Wish you both a fantastic day. xo